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Welcome to the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces User web version of CANDID, the Canadian Defence Information Database, a product of the Director, Research and Development Knowledge and Information Management (DRDKIM) of Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC).

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Note: In general, all information herein is for Defence Purposes Only. This means:

  • That information received will be used for defence purposes only, i.e. for work on defence-related projects or duties.
  • It is to be used by the recipient organization and is not to be released outside that organization without prior written authority from the Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Canada
  • It is to be protected to prevent disclosure to unauthorized persons. Improper or unauthorized disclosure of this information is an offence under the Security of Information Act.
  • The rights of the originator whether the information is patented or not will be respected and protected in accordance with the patent laws of the country of the originator.
  • The information obtained must be returned to the DRDKIM 2 at the end of the contract or when it is no longer necessary to keep the information, whichever is first.