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CANadian Defence Information System and Database - CANDIS/CANDID
DRDKIM Information Holdings and Services

CANDIS is an integrated database of documents, bibliographic records, patron records, circulation records, Alert queries, etc. CANDID on the WEB describes the bibliographic records for classified and unclassified documents of a scientific and technical nature related to defence which are held in our collection. There are 435,577 documents described as of November 2008. In addition to titles documenting our own collection, CANDIS also contains records supplied to DRDKIM from American and British defence information services. These number over 466,678 records and are available via the CANDID on the WEB server for registered users as the "Import Database".

In general, information is for Defence Purposes Only. You may also order documents on-line using your web account, or download selected documents using the appropriate reader (usually Adobe Reader). Limited, or Defence Purposes Only pdfs are downloadable from DWAN workstations only.

What is DRDKIM?

The Director Research & Development, Knowledge and Information Management (DRDKIM) is part of Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC). DRDKIM , formerly Director Scientific Information Services (DSIS), is responsible for DRDC Information Holdings. It also provides a Departmental service which acquires, stores, retrieves, announces and provides classified or limited defence-related scientific and technical information to the Canadian defence community, including defence contractors.

The documents held are primarily classified or have limited distribution and cover the following subject areas:

  • aeronautics
  • applied sciences
  • communications
  • computer science
  • engineering
  • medical and biological sciences
  • military sciences
  • physical sciences
  • social and behavioural sciences
Who uses our services?

The services of DRDKIM are available to members of the defence community including civilian employees, members of the Canadian Forces, and defence contractors.

What can we do for you?
  • Keep you current with developments in your subject area
  • Request foreign documents on your behalf
  • Provide a list of documents in your research area
  • Locate elusive technical documents
  • Provide you with copies of documents held in the DRDKIM collection
What makes our collection unique?

DRDKIM provides a unique information resource of over 500,000 Canadian and international documents which are primarily limited or classified in nature and include:

  • DND scientific and technical documents produced by the Defence Research Centres, other DND directorates, or DND contracts;
  • Foreign defence documents;
  • Documents issued under the auspices of NATO, AGARD, DRG, TTCP, and other international agreements; and
  • Defence documents from other Canadian government departments, agencies and universities.

DRDKIM manages the collection through the use of an in-house on-line database system called CANDID (Canadian Defence Information Database). This allows DRDKIM to provide a wide range of products and services to the defence community.

What services are available?

The ALERT service is a current awareness system designed to continuously inform you of recent developments in your specific field of interest. A profile, composed of keywords reflecting your subject interests, is regularly matched against the CANDID, US and UK defence databases for recently acquired documents.

CANDID, US and UK ALERT announcements of these documents are automatically mailed to you every few weeks. The US ALERT can be sent to you via e-mail if you have Internet access.


We will create a computer-generated bibliography tailored to your research interests by consulting CANDID, or the US or UK defence research databases.


    Our collection holds all documents identified via announcements and literature searches. Provision of copies of documents is dependent upon release conditions and security regulations.


    AD-A - Unclassified/ Unlimited publications may be purchased from National Technical Information Service (NTIS) (703) 487-4650, Fax: (703) 321-8547, E-mail:

    AD-B, AD-C, and BR (Defence Purposes Only) documents announced in the US or UK ALERTs are not automatically available to Canada. As the official Canadian channel for requesting these documents, we will order such documents upon request. These requests must be accompanied by a need-to-know statement from the requester for submission to the foreign release authorities.

    In response to specific requests, DRDKIM can also usually obtain documents from Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, or other Commonwealth and NATO nations, that have not already been received through exchange agreements.


The CANDID database can now be directly accessed by selected clients via "CANDID on the Web". This product contains information that is to be announced to DND only. Although the information itself is unclassified, some of the documents referred to are classified.

"CANDID on the Web" will be a valuable resource to DND clients. With access to the Internet, you will soon be able to search our database and order documents, all electronically. Future plans include the production and availability of electronic documents.

Can you contribute to information flow in the defence community?

Canadian Forces Administrative Orders (CFAO) 57-11 instructs all DND personnel to deposit copies of scientific and technical documents with DRDKIM.

These documents include documents created by or for DND and the Canadian Forces, documents received through foreign channels, and documents generated by or for the defence community in general.

By depositing your information with DRDKIM, you contribute to a valuable defence resource. A comprehensive scientific and technical information collection ensures an efficient flow of information to others with similar requirements and reduces the duplication of effort. In return, DRDKIM can provide you with access to others collections via the ALERTs and literature searches.

Documents deposited with DRDKIM are controlled in accordance with pertinent security procedures and in accordance with any distribution or announcement limitations indicated by the originators. Electronic versions are welcome.

How do you contact DRDKIM?

If you wish to:

  • establish an ALERT profile
  • order documents
  • request a literature search
  • deposit documents with DRDKIM
  • access CANDID on the Web
  • or, if you would like more information,


Fax: (613) 996-0392